While you are talking to a client on phone, you have glanced that cake recipe through and have sent an email away and with one ear listened to the news on tv. You have used your time well and saved plenty of…. for yourself. You are really proud about that… your efficiency….

However, it turned out that things went not the way you thought they would have been….There has a few faults creeped into the letter. That cake recipe how was it that now…you have to read through ones more. The news you listened to a moment ago, you even don´t remember.      And your client who talked to you on the phone knows for sure you didn´t listen to him/her.

Let´s imagine, a certain day at work, you have a tight schedule, a contract you have to write  and signed, a business conference with an other client you have to prepare and accomplished, a report must finished and delivered up before deadline while have to take your  kid to the dentist for teeth-braces. And while waiting in the waiting room you type up and send away a few dashing emails,you want to be sure you are using that waiting time efficiently.

At home then while preparing and cooking diner it feels important to call your best friend, who is disconsolate and is experiencing her most wretched period in her life,and you trying to give her solace.

By the evening, you may feel like a superwoman and like a flattened pancake…….

The next day, at work, you trying to take it more easy and just concentrating on the time-sensitive tasks meanwhile one or two emails light up the phone screen and some quick messages announce their arrival with a pling-pling. And from now it will be difficult to keep your concentration on work, because you are thinking of those messages and want to grab the phone and read them.

Some people say that it is an adult-problem, for the elderly to carry out this so-called multitasking work, while they say that todays teens tackle things “multitasking” successfully being born in the multimedia age. They were grown up with and have been used to consume social media and easily manage to chat on Facebook,watch a movie and read a book at the same time.

Well, how is it really functioning? And how is this multitasking affect us when it comes to our brain,our nervous system, our performance, our happiness and our interpersonal relationship?


Brain researchers have demonstrated, for several years ago, that genuine simultaneous equal distribution of attention is not in existence.

When we believe that we are concentrating on two or more tasks at the same time, then in fact, we change rapidly between different tasks. However,it turned out that these continuous changes are not very brilliant or effective.

Earl Miller, a famous brain researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his team have shown that in people, who practise multitasking-thinking method, their brain produces more stress hormones, like hydrocortisone and adrenalin, which is the hormone responsible to enhance instant reaction. And enhanced production of these hormones maybe causing the brain will become cloudy,muddy. Moreover, at the same time the brain also producing dopamine to recompense itself and that,as we know, gives rise to addiction.

So then, continuous multitasking behavior develops a constant craving rewards, which can develop a strong addiction. And it could be very difficult to change behavior, a thinking-system, making one thing at a time and do it really well, and enjoy it.

Other brain scientists are being think that it is not entirely depends on the structure of the brain if a person develops addiction. There are many people who are multitasking when it comes to work and they don´t enjoy it and don´t want do it. That allows us to speculate on if there are psychological and personality attitudes that lie in the background.

A psychologic has said that multitasking is a kind of trap, when a person who thinks about  himself  as being very efficient with his work-system and doesn´t see that the efforts he used were too much and got him altogether exhausted.                                                         While the work was not carried out THAT good .                                                                   Or a recreation wasn´t SO pleasurable as he felt.


Researchers at Sussex University carried out a questioning  with 75 voluntary people about their multimedia using behaviours. Then the researchers made an exact,elaborated examination of the voluntaries brains.                                                     The issue showed that the thickness of grey matter in the front area of the brain was thinner in those people who were using many electronic devises and screens. The front area of the brain makes decisions and takes control of behavior.


A psychologist talks about forced decisions and says that  when there is lack of time and plenty of stimulations there will be a tendency of to making careless choices and less good-grounded decisions. And to lose focus on the core point, the essential.

Experiments measured the time it took to “switch on” back to the main task after attention was draw away from work process and it took about 15 minutes.                                         It could be Quite many of us on our place of work who have experienced that the 8 hours of work time has extended to 10-12 hours while we ought to consider that it takes time to switch on after each switch of.


1.Studies have shown that students who regularly use social media,for ex Facebook while they having classes, make 20% deteriorated results.

2.Car drivers who use their phone under driving, even if using headset, show deteriorated reaction time, similar to people who had drunk and have 0,08% percentage alcohol in blood.

3.People who work with computer will be interrupted from main task every 10,5 minutes,with an email, phone call or by having been given a new task.

4.Under a phone conference, 57% of the participates experiences a strong induced feeling to share attention between the parts of the conference  and their phone, preferably writing emails or check social sites.

5.An averidge smart phone user checks his/her phone a 100+ times a single day.

6.Smartphone owners have the habit to check their email and social site at a variety of places and occasions, 67% do it on a date, 45% do it at the theatre or movie and 33% do it in church.

7.When focus has shared, the attention will going to drop by 40% of it´s efficient execution time and the time it takes to do the job will increase by 1.5 times of the original average time.

8.Only 2% of people manage to do genuine,efficient multiple tasking work! These people are capable to share between and do multiple tasks at the same time and they do it well,seem to do it without  having be tired out or distracted. And it seems, they really enjoy it!                   Researchers call them as the true multitasked! And researchers are very interested in examining and studying these people how they managing and doing multitasking.

To be continued…

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The Truth About Cancer:A Global Quest

ThetrythaboutcancerA Global Quest 9-part docuseries opens today

The Truth About Cancer:A Global Quest

ThetrythaboutcancerA Global Quest 9-part docuseries opens today

How are we feeling?

Keep your body & business in best shape   through a calm & balanced mind

Have you noticed that in latest years it has been lack of happy feelings and a huge demande on happiness has been arised? In vain,the tons of selfhelp books ,life-coaches,psychologists, the hords of spiritists ready to guide you, statistics have shown that folks in our 21’st century have never felt more hopeless about his or her life. Although our standard of living are to be increasing and the science and the art of healing are in lightning speed of progress, so they say that children who were born today are going to live untill they will be 120 year old. 

Well then, where is the problem? 

In a reasent documentary about miraculous life-change for the better, they had a conversation with people who had recovered from a deadly illness. Every person expressed a great gratitude for their illness, seeing that as a great cause to change their life. They didn’t worry about money anymore, or a bigger house,or a new car….

But they valued family,friends and relations highly. Time has slowed down and space has broadened, and  their eyes have opened and they have find out how much happiness there are to be find in everyday life. 

How is it come that we postpone our happiness to ” after that” I’ll be happy ? After that we have lost that 3-5-10 kilos, after that the house has been built, after that our career has been made, after that our precious child has got entry into university….

After that…..Then….

Is it an imperative to go through a great deal of suffering to realize that while we are rushing up to achieve ” that and that”…. We are missing THAT most important that matters…forgetting to LIVE life… 


Enjoy life  and don’t wait to ” than”

What year do we write now?

I have just read an article about the New Year celebration around the world and became aware of the fact that different cultures have different date for their new year beginning celebration. I decided to dig a little more in the details and find out some interesting history.
So many cultures,so many traditions and so many calendars! Even though most parts of our Globe use the Gregorian-Calendar for social-economical reasons – for ex co-ordinate meetings between companies on national and international basis. Or just to hold deadline for an article – not every part of the world uses the same calendar.
In fact in Russia begins the new year a few days later than in Europe. In China the new year could be late in beginning a whole month. In the islamic countries it is well-nigh impossible to keep pace with when the new year begins.


1. Every culture (long way back in history when they developed the agriculture communities) gave a certain date of when their own new year would begin and continued all the way into modern history. So it has being a confused heap of the chronological order.
In countries where the movement of the Moon was the ground for the calendar setting there was early set the 12 months calendar.
In countries where the sun’s orbit was the key of the calendar setting there were different ways to split up the year. By the aztecs the year was divided up in 18 months.
In the ancient Rom,there were religious celebrities,who announced the beginning of a new month,on the day when the crescent showed up – the new moon. That day they could the calenda ( calare=proclaim) and of this word has the calendarium been descended from.
In the Middle Age-Europe wasn’t either always that the new year began on 1st January. The day of new year could be set on 25th of March, an ancient religious celebration date , or fall on 25th of December, or on the 1st of March.
For the Roman Catholic Church, proclaiming the 1st January as the beginning of the new year would not have been fall on good ground, this day was already taken up – it was the day when The Holy Child, the Infant Jesus showned up in the church.
At last, this earlier Julian-calendar had reformed by the pope Gregorius XIII. And in anno 1582 (24th February) was the year pope Gregorius proclaimed that the new year will begin on 1st January.
Some European countries introduced the Gregorian Calendar at the same time but in protestant countries in particular it was long time before they changed.In the western part of the world it were two calendar systems in use parallelly under long time and it prevailed great disorder in whole Europe. In Russia the Julian calendar was in use until after the revolution 1917.
3. The traditional New Year resolution hasn’t been changed very much over years. The new year resolution itself goes back to the beginning of the new year-tradition. Making ” noise” was the way making the evil dispel. Prophecies,predictions,make lead-cast and tell fortunes has had a whole series of  symbol-system which everybody could interpret however one or another liked.
According to the Arabian calendar and the turn of the year they have been in advance of us ( the Gregorian calendar) with two months. They have shifted to their new year on 25th October (2014). But they write now H1436! (The islamic calendar begins 16th July 622 the day prophet Muhammad moved or fled from Mekka to Medina) the Arabian word for flee is hijra and their calendar called the hijracalendar. It is why they write a H before the year.
The next time they can say good-bye  to the old year will be be earliest on 15th October 2015.
As we can se the islamic calendar is drifting because they have a moon calendar and doesn’t follow the time of the year. An islamic year has 12 months (354,36 days), that makes the beginning of their year rambles backwards.
When will their year-beginning be synchronized with the Gregorian calendar? Well, sometime in 19000 years.
The islamic new year celebration is far away as noisy,uncontrolled as among ourselves. But they send post cards one other,invite relatives and friends for dinner and they decorate their homes nice.
Several islamic countries have proclaimed the new year day for an official Holiday, such as Bangladesh, Tunisien, Irak, Egypt and Malaysia.
In Russia the Christmas Day had drifted a bit after and the “Gyed Maróz” ((Frost Old Man) and the Snowflake come and give the christmas presents. And what more ,they even celebrate the New Year Eve later.
(Not mention the great October Revolution, which was hold and celebrated on 7th November in the East European countries……ones.)
All of this mess because Russia have handled the matter of calendar issue …hectic too.
In the 1700-century tsar Peter The Great in Russia reformed the calendar and turned over from the Byzantine calendar to the Julian calendar which they used untill after the revolution in 1917 . The switch to the Gregorian calendar for secular use occured in Russia and Eastern Orthodox countries as late as the 20th century,and the Orthodox Church and religious groups still use the Julian calendar for ecclesiastical purposes.
It’s why the Russian Christmas celebrates on 7th January.
When you are studying the traditional Chinese calendar, the lunisolar calendar, that is not so simple to follow-up and make conclusion about when the Chines New Year will arrive. It is the chines news broadcasting which will show you when it will taking place.
The arrival of the chinese new year is the biggest traditional Holiday celebration for the chinese people,when they arrange enormous festivities.
And there it comes, at their New Year,the chinese horoscope,published in all the popular magazines around the world.
2015 will be the Goat’s Year. Chinese women,who are pregnant,want to get their child before the year-end (2014),they don’t want to give birth to child in 2015,they believe the Goat’s year is not good time beeng born and doesn’t bring blessing for the child.
The chinese lunisolar new year will be the new moon day nearest 4th February. It happens sometime in the period between 21st January and 21st February. The chinese new year appears to being a mixture of Christmas and New Year celebration.
Everything must going good,cocking,baking,Christmas presents,new chlothes.Even sick family members go up from the bed, to be sure not remaining sick all the year.
Nothing is simple in life,nor is it when it comes to the calendar.
In the Jewish calendar can we find four new years. The “genuine” new year, the Ros hasana, is the “head of the year” which comes at 13th September 2015 after sunset. Yes, you have guessed it right, the synagogue calendar is also a sort of mixture of the lunisolar calendar. Several feasts and festival day dates go there and back , why one should take attention which feast or festival comes next.
The Jewish calendar begins with the Creation Of Man, and this creation,according to Hebrew religious thinkers word of wisdom had taken place in B.C. 3761 at 7th October.
The origin of the Hebrew calendar came from the Babylonian calendar, embraced as a legal Jewish calendar at B.C. 359. And it is the legal calendar of Israel today.
The Ros hasana is a two days feast event. The barhest has to be baked round to symbolizing for a “round year”,the apple has to be dipped in honey for sweet time to come, and they wear white clothes and tell good wishes to one other.

My notes. It was a pleasure to write this article about the new year traditions and to dig little deeper in the history of calendar setting ,though it took time to “dig” and write down, I intended to finish at the time of the new year. And not likely written with perfect grammar either.
Still hope that it will give some satisfaction to read it.

Have a good Goat’s Year! Managing every dreams and great plans to be a success.

Why You Should Run In The Winter Time.


Here are five reasons why you should continue with this practice. 

 1. You will build up your fitness and you will be splendidly fit,so you can enjoy the first sunbeams when you go for a stroll at spring time. 

 2. Varied ground. You will be run on hard and soft snowy paths,slippery roads,watery grounds and you will strengthen your muscles and you will gain increased willpower and motivation. 

 3. Energy-bomb. The fresh air makes you fit and brisk which is of importance because we are staying more indoors at wintertime.

 4. Increased spirits. Take the opportunity running daylight and you will feeling of being cheerful and in a good temper.

 5. Perfect time of running for beginners. It is under wintertime you may have the running paths for yourself and not need to be distracted of other runners. If it is too cold you may practicing at the gym, but be ready to run outdoors at least one time a week. 

 Good luck to outdoors running in the winter

All the best and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Beetroot,a recipe for cleanse the liver.


I’ve got a recipe for a beetroot juice to cleanse the body.

Here is it: put three pieces of chopped and washed beetroot into a 3-liter jar. Do not peel the beetroots. In the same jar add three tablespoons of wheat flour and half a kilo of brown sugar. Let the mixture stand still in dark place on a room temperature for two days. After that,add 700 grams of raisins,four cups of brown sugar and half a cup of water in the same mixture. Let the mixture stand still for a week.Remember to stir the jar content every day. After the week has passed,strain the mixture. You should get 1 liter of juice in the end of this procedure. Take one teaspoon of the medicine three times a day, half an hour before meals. When you use all the juice, it is advisable to make 3 months-break and then repeat the same process two more times with breaks. This way your liver will be completely cleaned. (Source of the recipe: All the best Milestone

I´ve got it!



Finally, I´ve been able to download the site….WordPress. There were devious paths to conquor before I succeeded with this feat. And it feels good.

Healthy Food,Beetroot

  1. Several scientific studies, for ex Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm , have published  very interesting results about the health-effects of  beetroot.Eating it natural,sour or drink as juice helps lower your bloodpressure and improve your circulation and memory .Your energy,strength and condition eating beetroot can it increase as well.It’s miraculous effects  is the high   content of natural nitrate  combined  with betacyanin , the colour substance in beetroot.  I have read  many  testimonials  about miraculous effect  in people  who have suffered from blood vessel diseases.  Biottas rödbetsjuice is an ideal natural product to drink. With best regards  Mosaics

I love tennis.My highlights today.

I watched the semifinals at Stockholm Open for men today. Both matches were exciting and the players delivered really god play. I appreciated how Dimitrov playes and it´s delighed that he has developed his own stile of play.
I will watch the final tomorrow between Dimitrov and Berdych.
Who will win? (Hm…I have a winner…)

With Best Regards


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